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The purpose of this website

If you read through the homepage, you might have noticed I like programming. I can imagine some confusion when you see this simple website, since programmers like to create big fancy websites with all kinds of smooth animations using the latest and greatest versions of web technology, right?

Well, I do like to create websites, but it's not my main focus. I like to do other kinds of programming, like the LinkedList I wrote in C. This focuses more on the functionality than the looks.

With that in mind, I tried to create this website in such a way that it reaches the goal I had in mind for this website, and does so in a minimal way.

The goal of this website is to provide some information about me, and give you an image of the things I like to do and the people that inspire me. I tried to do just that and not try to create stuff that distracts from those things.

This website is created purely from HTML and CSS and 5 lines of JavaScript to power the wednesday page, no JQuery or other fancy frameworks. This way the pages stay simple and light. I got the idea to create a simple website without any JavaScript from this website. Although I like that website, I decided to add some styling as that makes reading the website much more comfortable.

Hope you like it. I certainly do.