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I love counting

Since this is my website, I can put anything I want on here. So how about the first 106 digits of pi?


It seems like quite a specific number of digits, but there's a reason for this; I can recite this amount of digits of pi from my memory!

But why?

At age 16 or so I started reading interesting books like Deep Work and blogs like LifeHacker with studying and productivity hacks. While reading those, one of the key ideas that I noticed time and time again is the idea that cognitive abilities are not set, they can change. And by training yourself you can train your brain to become better at certain things, like; Remembering things.

While remembering my German vocabulary would've been more useful at the time, I was more interested in numbers, and pi is such a fascinating number. So I took it up as a challenge to learn the digits by heart.

I did it by breaking up the sequence of digits into 3 to 5 digit chunks, writing those down many times. This reduced the problem from learning 106 digits to learning about 25 chunks.

Then I started writing down the chunks in the order that they are placed in the sequence of pi. From then on it was just a matter of learning the transition from one chunk to another.

I did this by writing it down many, many times, I probably filled about 5 a4 papers with my practice writing. And after that, I got it! From then on I was the proud posessor of a utterly useless yet quite amusing skill. Hooray!

And what about the number 106?

You might be wondering why I chose to learn 106 digits. Well, there's a simple answer to that:

That was so I could beat the suckers that could only do 100.