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My snapshots of the beautiful world around me

I'm not that much of a photographer. I don't have a profile picture of myself holding some over-the-top camera. I have no idea how to use photoshop, lightroom or anything else Adobe-related. I don't know anything about composition, apertures, exposure etcetera.* But, I am fascinated with the world around me, and find that there is lots of beauty to be found all around me. Thus, I try to document these things using a classic retro point-and-shoot camera (which takes suprisingly good pictures by the way) to share some of the aesthetically pleasing sights around me. I have one simple rule: No zooming allowed. Everything you see is photographed exactly as I saw it. Enjoy!

Take a look at my series of photographs! Here is a handy list:

*Fun fact: I wanted to give at least three examples, as that looks stylistically more satisfying to me, yet I could only come up with two! (It does prove the point) I had to search DuckDuckGo for a third one :) Luckily there are nice websites like this one that provide all the information on photography that you might need. Thank you internet!