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The Maslow List: Stop forgetting and Start relaxing

Our lives are filled with all kinds of small tasks that need to be done somewhat regularly. But it's hard to keep track of everything and make sure you don't forget to do something.

Not anymore! I have a solution: The maslow list. This is basically a checklist of all the tasks you need to do to keep your life running smoothly. You put all the things you need to check, maintain or keep track of on that list, and review the lits on a regular basis.

This might seem simple, but when used correctly, it can be quite powerful. The idea behind it is that you work your way through the list every week, and once you have checked all items and done everything that needed to be done, you have free time! You don't have to worry anymore, or try to remember what it was that you should have been doing. Because if you needed to do it, it was on the list.

The list is a catch-all for all the small things, and puts them into a system. But how can we best use this system? I propose the following steps:

How to use the system?

  1. Once a week, go through the list. And then for each item, either:
  2. Only move from one item to the next when you have handled it in one of the abovementioned ways.

But what do you put on the list?

The short answer is; Anything you want.

The way I structure my list is in the order that Abraham Maslow ordered our needs in his Hierarchy of Needs. He basically ordered the needs that humans have as follows:

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

where the higher needs cannot be met before the lower needs are met. This is then also the way I propose to order your needs; Start with your basic needs, then move up to psychological needs and finally take care of your self-fulfillment.

Enough talking, let's look at an example list, shall we? For inspiration, here's my list (with some minor modifications):

1. Physical Health

2. Mental Health

3. Basic Needs

4. Relationships With Others

5. Deploy Talents

I work through this list every Sunday after I come home from church. This way I know I have the time for all of these things, and when it is done I can confidently relax, for I know that I took care of everything that needed taking care of!

I hope this was useful. Please adapt the list for your own situation, and add things relevant to you. For example, 'Water plants' or 'Check oil level of car' could be part of your list.

By using this maslow list, you can free your mind of worrying about the small tasks in life, knowing that you'll take care of them when the next sunday rolls around. Thus, you free up your mind to pursue bigger goals and to to enjoy life!