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Mountainside Math Medley: A solitaire card and dice game

Creator: Timon Bestebreur (timonbestebreur@pm.me)

Mountainside Math Medley is a math-based card/dice game in which you have to find the perfect combination of numbers and mathmatical operations to reach a target. This can be compared to the way a song is composed of a combination of tones that are repeated a certain number of times, so in a way this game is about composing songs!

Needed supplies



Card values


Combination rules

Joker cards

Corner cards

How to win the game


  1. Set up the board as described in 'Setup'
  2. Try to find a valid combination of cards. If you found one, remove the cards you used in the combination and place them on a discard pile. Then fill up the empty spaces with new cards from the draw pile.
  3. If you can find no combination, place a corner card on one of the corners and use them as specified in 'Corner cards'.
  4. If you encounter a Joker card during play, handle it as described in 'Joker cards'.
  5. Go to 2

Additional notes

How to increase or decrease the difficulty of the game

You can make the game harder by:

You can make the game easier by:

How to change the duration of the game

While using up a whole deck of cards is convenient, during playtesting this game I noticed that the playtime with a whole deck of cards is just a bit too long. To decrease the amount of time that a game takes, simply reduce the amount of cards in the draw pile.

Want to sell this game?

If you want to make this into a custom designed printed game, please take note of the following:

I created this game for others to enjoy, for free. If you want to make money off this design, please don't pay me for it, but donate a part of the profit to some charity. This way, you can both make money and make the world a better place.

The idea behind the name

I came up with this game while sitting in a vacation home with a view of a mountain. At the background a calm medley of slow country songs was playing, and I enjoyed the view. This environment stimulated my creativity, which led me to experiment and playtest this game to the game it has become!


Thank you to Ramon Huiskamp for creating the game Joker Jailbreak. He and his game inspired me to start playing around with cards and dice to see what game I could some up with! I really like Joker Jailbreak, although the math was not challenging enough for me. Thus, I created this game, which is kind of like Joker Jailbreak on steroids.

Have fun playing, and shoot me an email if you have suggestions for improvements!